Coalition expects 2m doses of Pfizer Covid vaccine a week by beginning of October

Greg Hunt says travellers returning to Australia may have to undergo two tests before boarding flights home

Greg Hunt has said Australia should have supply of 2m doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine each week from the start of October, lifting hopes that all who want to get the jab could do so by Christmas.

With 3.5m vaccinations – of both Pfizer and AstraZeneca – administered as of 23 May, the government has been under increasing pressure over the pace of the rollout, amid a shortage of vaccines and concerns about vaccine hesitancy among some people.

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Children with Covid: why are some countries seeing more cases – and deaths?

The perceived wisdom has been that children do not suffer severely from the virus. Yet they are now in Brazil, Indonesia and India

Emergency physician and leading epidemiologist in Brazil, Dr Fatima Marinho, is seeing symptoms of Covid-19 in children that starkly contrast with the message that has been relayed globally throughout the pandemic that children do not appear to suffer severely from the virus.

Severe muscle aches, diarrhoea, coughing, abdominal pain and hospitalisation – all of these are happening to children with Covid-19 in Brazil, Marinho says.

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India orders removal of content referring to ‘Indian variant’

Government says ‘false’ coronavirus claim is circulating on social media and should be taken down

India’s government has ordered social media platforms to take down content that refers to the “Indian variant” of the coronavirus.

The B.1.617.1 (previously called B.1.617) variant was first detected in India last year and has been blamed for much of the devastating Covid-19 wave that has battered south Asian nations in recent weeks.

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‘Black fungus’ disease linked to Covid spreads across India

7,200 mucormycosis cases reported, usually in patients with diabetes or compromised immune systems

States across India have begun declaring a “black fungus” epidemic as cases of the fatal rare infection shoot up in patients recovering from Covid-19.

The fungal disease, called mucormycosis, has a 50% mortality rate. It affects patients initially in the nose but the fungus can then spread into the brain, and can often only be treated by major surgery removing the eye or part of skull and jaw.

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Officials take police action against leaders of bulldozed mosque in India

Demolition of mosque in Uttar Pradesh was ‘violation of rule of law’, says Indian MP

A local administration accused of illegally tearing down a mosque in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has filed a police case against nine local Muslim leaders who challenged the demolition.

On Monday, Masjid Gareeb Nawaz Al Maroof in Barabanki district was bulldozed without notice after it was declared an illegal structure by the local administration, which had contested its presence.

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Nicolas Sarkozy on trial for alleged illegal campaign financing

Former president of France, already convicted of corruption, faces accusation of overspending

The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has gone on trial for the alleged illegal campaign financing of the massive, showman-style political rallies he staged during his failed re-election bid in 2012.

Sarkozy, president for one term from 2007 to 2012, was not present for the opening of the trial in Paris on Thursday but will take the stand next month.

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Martin Bashir used ‘deceitful behaviour’ to secure Diana interview, report finds

BBC chief Tim Davie apologises after investigation identified ‘clear failings’ in tactics used by journalist to secure interview

Martin Bashir commissioned fake bank statements and used “deceitful behaviour” in a “serious breach” of the BBC’s producer guidelines to secure his Panorama interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, an official inquiry has concluded.

The investigation, conducted by the former supreme court judge Lord Dyson, found that the “BBC fell short of the high standards of integrity and transparency which are its hallmark” including a cover-up in an investigation into Bashir’s 1995 Panorama interview carried out at the time. Dyson was highly critical of the 1996 investigation, carried out by former director general Tony Hall who was then the head of BBC News, calling it “flawed and woefully ineffective”.

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Covid still a threat to Europe – travel should be avoided, says WHO

Vaccines work against new variants but ‘increased mobility may lead to more transmission’

Covid vaccines in use in Europe appear to protect against all new variants but progress in region remains “fragile” and international travel should be avoided to prevent pockets of transmission quickly spreading into “dangerous resurgences”, the World Health Organization has said.

Weekly official cases in Europe have fallen by almost 60% from 1.7m in mid-April to nearly 685,000 last week with deaths also in decline, the WHO regional director, Hans Kluge, said on Thursday, but incidence rates remained stubbornly high in eight countries.

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Boko Haram leader tried to kill himself during clash with rivals, officials claim

Abubakar Shekau dead or seriously wounded after clashes in forest, Nigerian authorities say

Intelligence officials in Nigeria have claimed the leader of Boko Haram is dead or seriously wounded after trying to kill himself to avoid capture during clashes with a rival extremist faction.

There is no confirmation of the claims, and Nigeria’s intelligence services and military have reported Abubakar Shekau’s death many times before.

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