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Theoretical physicist Chiara Marletto: ‘The universal constructor could revolutionise civilisation’

Chiara Marletto is a research fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Her research is in theoretical physics – especially quantum computation, thermodynamics and information

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Coronavirus live news: Covid jabs opened up to people aged 32 and 33 in England; Taiwan reports 321 new cases

Sewage samples are being tested to determine which Covid-19 variants are most prevalent across regions accounting for two-thirds of England’s population. The Department of Health

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Albert Einstein letter with E=mc2 equation in his own hand sells for $1.2m

A handwritten letter by Albert Einstein that contains his famous E=mc2 equation has sold at auction for more than $1.2m, about three times more than

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Research findings that are probably wrong cited far more than robust ones, study finds

Scientific research findings that are probably wrong gain far more attention than robust results, according to academics who suspect that the bar for publication may

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Signs of rise in Covid infections in England amid variant warnings

Covid infection levels are showing early signs of an increase in England, data has revealed, as experts continue to warn the variant of concern first

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New Zealand’s budget needed to allocate more than small change to the climate crisis | Robert McLachlan and Paul Callister

The New Zealand emissions trading scheme (ETS), now in its fourteenth year of operation and much criticised for (so far) failing to cut emissions, is

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Britain in talks to waive Covid vaccine patents to improve global access to jabs

The UK government is in talks about a plan to waive Covid-19 vaccine patents to boost the production of shots in low and middle-income countries,

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Naturalist Jane Goodall wins 2021 Templeton prize for life’s work

The naturalist Jane Goodall has been announced as the 2021 winner of the Templeton prize in recognition of her life’s work on animal intelligence and

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Dogs can better detect Covid in humans than lateral flow tests, finds study

Dogs are better at detecting Covid-19 in humans than many fast lateral flow tests (LFTs), according to a French study which could see canines more