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A fan on Twitter, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that under the right light the redacted text on a data page in X-Men #9 can be revealed! Warning:…

A fan on Twitter, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that under the right light the redacted text on a data page in X-Men #9 can be revealed!

Warning: spoilers for X-Men #9 are ahead. 

Jonathan Hickman’s revolutionary relaunch of Marvel Comics’ mutant franchise, the X-Men, has given readers innovative and creative looks into the inner workings of the X-Men’s world since 2019. One of of the most popular new aspects of Hickman’s era has been the inclusion of “data pages” in each comic, informational pages with sometimes-redacted “insider information” about different organizations, teams and characters. A fan on Twitter recently discovered that in the most recent X-Men #9 if a reader views a data page in the right light, they can actually see the words meant to be covered up by the black censor bars.


Starting in Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X data pages – visually designed by Tom Muller – have been used throughout all the new Krakoan Age X-Books as a way to convey complex information that couldn’t reasonably be put into conversation bubbles on page. These data pages have ranged from Sage’s internal analysis of the Krakoan islands operations, to information about the secrets of Moira X’s expansive 10 lives, as well as deep dives into the inner workings of one of the X-Men’s main enemies, the mutant-hating Orchis. The fan discovery explicitly has to do with a Data Page on Orchis’ updated strategies and stakeholders in their bid to take down the mutants and the nation of Krakoa.

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X-Men #9 – written by Gerry Duggan with art by Carlos Villa – focuses on the three main governing bodies of the Krakoan Age, Krakoa’s Quiet Council, Arakko’s Great Ring, and Orchis’ Central Column, which are all involved in politically manipulative machinations with each other. The fan on Twitter, who asked to not have their original Tweet published, discovered that in the right light, the data page on “Orchis Protocol” could have its redacted information revealed to show the words underneath. While the information unveiled by this discovery does not reveal any plot-shattering information, the fact that the words could be seen at all raises a bunch of questions about data pages in other X-Books.

Starting in the first paragraph that redacted words visible under the right light are revealed to be “homo superior” and “statistically inevitable,” confirming that Orchis’ calculations are still reporting that the full ascension of the mutant race is inevitable, even though they have created Nimrod. The next reveal is that in the line, “Avoidance of this eventuality demands _______,” with the redacted word being “sustained resistance.” Finally, the name of who is in charge of Orchis’ “Culture/Narrative” wing is still “to be decided” and whoever is in control of their “Sociology/Modeling” wing is a “place holder” for their permanent placement. Again, none of these revealed words unveil any shocking truths, or things that readers couldn’t have already guessed at, but does this mean that the X-Office has done this with other data pages?

Since so many readers view Marvel Comics on the digital Marvel Unlimited or Comixology app, it is up to fans who buy physical copies of these X-Books to continue to confirm if data pages are able to be read in the correct light! The X-Office has been very intentional about what information they reveal, and what they keep secret, so there is a chance that the inclusion of these words was simply a fun Easter Egg for dedicated fans who are buying the issues in person. If any Marvel Comics fans love hidden clues or fun Easter Eggs make sure to pick up physical copies of your favorite upcoming X-Men books to see if any redacted information is visible on data pages!

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