Video: On Getting SOS, Haryana Cop Pushes Car Out Of

In a video, one of the drivers thanked the cops profusely, saying they saved his life.

New Delhi:

As roads and highways remain inundated from incessant rains in and around Delhi since yesterday, traffic cops were seen going out of their way to help commuters who were stranded. Several videos show the Faridabad traffic police personnel pushing autorickshaws that stopped midway and helping rescue passengers stuck in cars on flooded roads.

Donning raincoats, the Haryana cops could be seen clearing garbage from underpasses and directing traffic while standing in knee-deep water.

In one such incident, two cops posted near the Ballabhgarh canal on the Mathura Highway in Haryana, were seen pushing a WagonR car that had broken down in the middle of the road and water had come up to its bonnet. Stranded, the driver of the car was troubled as he couldn’t move his vehicle from there. The policemen present there then called for a crane to help the driver so that the car could be tied up and pulled out, but due to excessive water, the hook of the crane couldn’t latch on to the car. The traffic policemen then pushed the car a little out of the water, attached the hook of the crane, and pulled it out of the road. They then got the car repaired on the side of the road so that the driver could leave. 

Two other vehicles got stuck at the same spot later, and the cops helped them get out.

In a video, one of the drivers thanked the cops profusely, saying they saved his life.

The weather department has predicted more rains for the national capital on Friday. The minimum temperature in the city was recorded one notch above normal at 22 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature is expected to settle at around 28 degrees Celsius, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

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