Drivers should steer clear of the C-word | Brief letters

Urging drivers to merge in helpful fashion when approaching roadworks (I have become what I hate – the driver who pushes into a lane at the last minute, 17 November), Adrian Chiles adds that he is ordering a T-shirt bearing the legend “Merge Like A Zip, Not Like A C*nt”. Whether or not we want to encourage the use of a word for female genitalia as an insult, if sexual imagery is to be used then I suggest that the wording is misleading. It is often a male organ that pushes in.
Michele Roberts

I am always pedantically bothered by the instruction “Use both lanes”, which I see the centre-line hoggers doing, when “Use either lane” would be a more reasonable suggestion.
Harold Somers
Chorlton, Manchester

I read with some amusement and concern about the chair of Network Rail issuing warnings to HGV drivers to “look out for road signs warning of oncoming bridges” (Report, 16 November). Are they supposed to reverse out of their way?
Richard Griffin
Dolwyddelan, Conwy

With regard to Alan Woodley’s letter on Weetabix consumption (16 November), how lovely would they be served with 30g of raspberries, the zest of one lemon and a teaspoon of mulberry pekmez (Letters, passim).
Siobhán Ní Chuanaigh
Dublin, Ireland

Re Barney Ronay’s article (Azeem Rafiq’s courage shows Yorkshire and ECB what a real leader looks like, 16 November), the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award should go to Azeem Rafiq for his leadership, bravery, honesty and extreme grace under fire.
Lucy Owen
Adstone, Northamptonshire

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