Australia v Bangladesh: T20 World Cup – live!

It’s crunch time. For Australia, that is. For Bangladesh it’s chill out and relax time. They’ve already been knocked out of the T20 World Cup, so they can play as they like. Win, lose, this is their last match and their tournament ends tonight.

Australia, however, have two matches left, so like two figures wrestling through the front window of a saloon, Bangladesh can leave while taking the Aussies with them. Or if Australia win tonight, the eucalypt and wattle dreams can continue a while longer.

Australia’s efforts so far in this tournament have been lacklustre: a drab sort of of win over South Africa, a bigger one over Sri Lanka, then a pasting delivered by England. Bangladesh thrashed the Aussies on slow home pitches a couple of months ago. These conditions won’t be extreme, but scoring off spin will be vital. Meaning that Glenn Maxwell will be vital, and perhaps a bit of Marcus Stoinis. The Australians have to get working, or get leaving.

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