Save my face with an England cricket team recall | Brief letters

As a Yorkshireman living in Australia, can I implore you to help recall the English cricket team? The Tufnellesque fielding, the elderly bowling attack and having about two competent batsmen is humiliating (Lightning strikes give England Ashes respite as Australia take control again, 17 December). After emerging from the longest lockdown in the world, I have no choice but to go back into hiding.
Prof Rob Willis
Melbourne, Victoria

I have just looked at the Christmas Day evening TV schedule on BBC One. Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Wheel, the Blankety Blank Christmas special and Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special. I thought the government wanted us to stay indoors?
David Gerrard
Hove, East Sussex

My, how the other half live! In her recipe for leftover roast veg and harissa spiral pie, Meera Sodha asks us to “Clear and clean a 2m-long space on a kitchen counter.” The only 2m space I could find was on my living room floor.
Gillian Peall
Macclesfield, Cheshire

In my grammar school in 1960s Liverpool, my teacher translated the Sound of Music into Latin (Letters, 17 December). Singing Edelweiss in Latin has been one of the most useful things I did at school. It’s still my party piece.
Brenda Grant

My dad’s line was: “Would you like a sherry before you go?” It never failed (Letters, 16 December).
Pauline Farrar

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