The Hundred women’s final: Southern Brave v Oval Invincibles – live!

The Hundred. El Cien. 百元. Setka. शंभर. Famed throughout lands. Whatever you call it, it comes to a head here today, at Lord’s.

Or tomorrow, if it’s raining.


What do we have for you today? Two matches, four teams, 400 balls of pure short-form focus-grouped entertainment. The Southern Brave, those of the vast white south, have led the standard of the women’s comp throughout. The Oval Invincibles have been decidedly vincible at times, but came good in the Eliminator match yesterday to be the ones doing the eliminating.

Then in the men’s, it will also be the green-clad Brave clan, who won through their own Eliminator yesterday. They will tackle the birds that burn and rise again, the Birmingham Phoenix.

Take my hand, and let us go there together: to Cricket Land.

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