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Death of young woman after FGM revives calls for ban in Sierra Leone

The death of a young woman in Sierra Leone, almost immediately after undergoing female genital mutilation, has sparked outrage and revived calls to end the


Troops called in after jailing of Zuma ignites violence and looting

South Africa’s army has said it is deploying troops to two provinces, including the economic hub of Johannesburg, to help quell mob violence and looting

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Coastguard seizes half a tonne of cocaine floating off Algeria coast

Fishermen alerted authorities to ‘suspicious’ items floating in the sea The Algerian coastguard has seized almost half a tonne of cocaine after fishers alerted authorities


I Am Samuel review – meditative, optimistic documentary on queer love in Kenya

Filmed over five years, this documentary, directed by Peter Murimi, opens on a striking note that contrasts intimacy with cruelty. A date between Sam, the


Gunmen in Nigeria abduct about 150 students from Islamic school

An armed gang has abducted students from an Islamic school in the north-central Nigerian state of Niger. The school’s owner, Abubakar Tegina, told Reuters he


Uganda police killings reconstructed using mobile phone footage

A single truck carrying eight police officers was responsible for a mass shooting in the centre of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, in November last year

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Vaccine inequality exposed by dire situation in world’s poorest nations

Only 1% of the 1.3 billion vaccines injected around the world have been administered in Africa – and that comparative percentage has been declining in


‘We backed genocidal killers for too long’: Macron begs forgiveness on Africa tour

With the golden winter sun slanting across the palm trees and yellow sandstone, the scene was perfect. Emmanuel Macron and his host, Cyril Ramaphosa of


Woman shot dead in Lesotho as factory workers’ clashes with police escalate

A woman has died after being shot during violent clashes between factory workers and police in Lesotho as trade unions say they have lost control