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Best sport books of 2021

Barça: The Inside Story of the World’s Greatest Football ClubSimon Kuper (Short)The rise of Barcelona over the last four decades was one of the glories

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It’s never boring at the barber’s when aliens and cryptocurrency are involved | Tim Adams

I used to go to a barber who believed he had once been abducted by aliens. Regular in-the-mirror conversation starters – “been away this year?”,


The lion in the London black cab: the remarkable story of Singh, and the boy who loved him

“He was,” London Zoo said, “one of the zoo’s politest pets.” Singh the Lion arrived in a black cab and padded in through the front

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Chefs lament the demise of food bible that made postwar British life better

In his first job in a pub kitchen as a teenager, someone handed Gareth Ward a copy of The Good Food Guide. “I knew nothing


The Triumph of Nancy Reagan review – foibles and failings of a troubled first lady

After Jimmy Carter’s glum diagnosis of national malaise in 1979, Ronald Reagan supposedly restored the customary swagger of the US by making the country “feel


Lionel Shriver: ‘A chosen death is an authorial act – I’ve never cared for stories that end on ellipses’

For those of us with elderly parents, countless news broadcasts of bewildered residents cruelly exiled in care homes during this pandemic have been especially raw.


‘They didn’t talk about it’: how a historian helped Tulsa confront the horror of its past

There was no memorial to it in town. Teachers made no mention of it, not even during a half-semester devoted to local history. The white


Esther Freud: ‘I didn’t learn to read till I was about 10’

Esther Freud is the author of nine novels, including Hideous Kinky, her semi-autobiographical debut, which tells of her unconventional childhood in Morocco. The daughter of


‘I’m still alive’: Gomorrah author hails court victory over mafia threats

The internationally renowned anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano has declared that “journalism has been vindicated; words are vindicated – and so am I”, after a landmark