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The Guardian view on the art of lexicography: ancient Greek lives on

A new two-volume ancient Greek-English lexicon has just been published by Cambridge University. The work of over 20 years, it defines 37,000 words. One might

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Ministers urged to release data on Covid variants in English schools

School leaders have urged ministers to immediately publish data on the number of Covid-19 variant cases being found in schools and colleges in England, as

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No 10 ‘tried to block’ data on spread of new Covid variant in English schools

Downing Street leaned on Public Health England not to publish crucial data on the spread of the new Covid variant in schools, documents seen by

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Marcus Rashford: ‘Whenever I hear “no”, I ask myself: why not?’

Imagine being Marcus Rashford. You’re just going about your business, playing football for Manchester United and England, being an everyday sporting superstar. Then you put

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Research findings that are probably wrong cited far more than robust ones, study finds

Scientific research findings that are probably wrong gain far more attention than robust results, according to academics who suspect that the bar for publication may