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Bees give me a sense of calm: discovering nature in my back garden

Lockdown started, or reignited, a love of nature in many people. The RSPB reported a 70% increase in visitors to its website during the first

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A praying mantis: she bites into her mate’s head like an apple and cleans her face ‘like a cat’ | Helen Sullivan

When the female praying mantis is mating, she does not bite the head off the male with one swift snip: she chomps into it, like

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‘Novichok for insects’ may be approved for Scottish fish farms

The Scottish government appears ready to approve a banned insecticide blamed for destroying bee populations for use in Scottish salmon farms, according to internal documents

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UK’s fledgling edible insect sector in jeopardy after Brexit

Legal changes triggered by Brexit are putting the UK’s fledgling edible insect sector in jeopardy. Before Brexit, all edible insect companies operated under transitional measures