Cargo ship carrying tonnes of chemicals sinks off Sri Lanka

A cargo ship carrying tonnes of chemicals has sunk off Sri Lanka’s west coast, and tonnes of plastic pellets have fouled the country’s rich fishing

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The $3bn bargain: how China dominates Pacific mining, logging and fishing

One country dominates the Pacific’s resources extraction. Guardian analysis of trade data has revealed that China received more than half the total tonnes of seafood,

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‘Novichok for insects’ may be approved for Scottish fish farms

The Scottish government appears ready to approve a banned insecticide blamed for destroying bee populations for use in Scottish salmon farms, according to internal documents

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Green growth: the save-the-mangrove scheme reaping rewards for women in Kenya

Kenya’s mangroves have been harvested for centuries, the timber used in shipbuilding and for ornate doors and furniture as well as shipped across the Indian

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Jersey becomes ‘ark’ for endangered lizards rescued from oil spill

Endangered reptiles rescued from Mauritian islands that were contaminated by a devastating oil spill have bred successfully in captivity for the first time, raising hopes