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Concerns grow for Chris Whitty’s safety after fourth harassment incident

England’s chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, has been harassed four times in recent months, including by anti-lockdown protesters, prompting growing concerns for his safety.


‘Not like I remember it’: Bow Street police station reopens as museum

It is the stench that Lee-Jane Yates remembers vividly. “It was so rancid,” she said. But then it was from a small cell that sometimes


‘It was like a horror film’: Sophie Walker on her stalking nightmare – and how the police failed her

It was a warm, sunny Saturday in May 2020 but Sophie Walker was locked inside her house in north London, in the dark, with her


US journalist Barrett Brown arrested in the UK on incitement offences

The American journalist Barrett Brown has been arrested and detained in the UK for allegedly overstaying his visa and for alleged public order and incitement