Israel hits Gaza with airstrikes after more incendiary balloon launches

Israel hit Islamist militant sites in Gaza with airstrikes on Friday in retaliation for incendiary balloon launches from the Palestinian enclave, in the latest unrest

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Coastguard seizes half a tonne of cocaine floating off Algeria coast

Fishermen alerted authorities to ‘suspicious’ items floating in the sea The Algerian coastguard has seized almost half a tonne of cocaine after fishers alerted authorities


The Viewing Booth review – seeing is believing in the Israel-Palestine conflict

Even though he tries to maintain a cool, scientific demeanour, Israeli director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz finally lets slip a twinge of despair at the end of


Bennett and Netanyahu address public as opposition figures reach deal – video

The rightwing Israeli politician Naftali Bennett and opposition leader Yair Lapid have agreed to forge a coalition government that would oust the prime minister, Benjamin


Israeli opposition said to be closing in on deal to oust Netanyahu

Rival politicians in Israel united only in their opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu could be closing in on a deal to oust the country’s longest-serving leader


Phone intercepts shine more light on Jordanian prince’s alleged coup attempt

Aides to the former Jordanian heir Prince Hamzah sought pledges of allegiance on his behalf from tribal leaders and former military officers in the weeks


‘Oh but you’re female’: the Australian woman who drills the rules of war into the world’s militaries

In her dealings with armed forces and militant groups trying to persuade them to respect the laws of war, Kath Stewart has had her fair


The week in audio: Sunday Feature; 1Xtra Talks With Richie Brave; Assignment

Sunday Feature: Regarding the Pain of Others (BBC Radio 3) | BBC Sounds 1Xtra Talks With Richie Brave (BBC 1Xtra) | BBC SoundsAssignment (BBC World


‘One name in a long list’: the pointless death of another West Bank teenager

Route 60, the north-south artery that carves its way through the West Bank, is both the lifeblood of the region and a source of daily