Vladimir Putin refuses to guarantee Navalny will survive prison

Vladimir Putin has refused to give any guarantee that the opposition leader Alexei Navalny will get out of prison alive, saying his continued detention was

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Boris Johnson hails UK’s ‘indestructible relationship’ with US

Boris Johnson has claimed the UK has an “indestructible relationship” with the US, after his bilateral meeting on Thursday with President Joe Biden. The prime


Trump allies herald Biden investigation of Covid origins in China

Allies of Donald Trump took the unusual step of speaking out on Sunday in support of Joe Biden, regarding efforts to pinpoint the source of


Biden promises to press Putin on human rights at Geneva summit

Joe Biden has said he will press Vladimir Putin to respect human rights when the two leaders meet in June. In a speech marking the


Biden move to investigate Covid origins opens new rift in US-China relations

Joe Biden’s decision to expand the US investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, with one intelligence agency leaning towards the theory that it

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PM refused Trump’s call to bomb Iraq after legal advice, Cummings claims

Boris Johnson rejected a call from Donald Trump’s White House to participate in airstrikes in Iraq last March after an intervention by the UK government’s

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Did Covid come from a Wuhan lab? What we know so far

President Joe Biden has ordered US intelligence agencies to conduct a 90-day review of what is known about the origins of Covid-19 and whether it

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China rejects Biden’s call to examine Covid origin theories

China has hit out against Joe Biden’s calls for a fuller US investigation into how Covid-19 was first transmitted to humans, questioning Washington’s motives and


Biden says Blinken will visit Middle East as Gaza ceasefire holds – US politics live

The Republican pariah Liz Cheney has repeatedly refused to admit a link between Donald Trump’s lies about voter fraud and restrictive voting laws being introduced