“Did What I Could In 16 Months”: Former Chief Justice

'Did What I Could In 16 Months': Former Chief Justice NV Ramana Reflects On His StintHyderabad:

Former Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Friday said he strengthened the judicial system by appointing more judges, and by providing facilities to the judiciary, during his 16-month tenure, though he could not completely bring in reforms.

Justice Ramana was given the Rasamayi-Dr Akkineni Lifetime Achievement Award here.

Speaking at the function, he said, “You all know that the 16 months time that I had (as CJI), I did what I could. I could not do everything, because that was not possible. I hoped that there would be total reforms in the judicial system after 75 years of independence.”

He said that, within his capability, appointment of judges, facilities for judiciary and modernisation of the system were among some of the initiatives taken up so that the judiciary comes closer to common people.

He further said access to justice is important as people should not be wary of the judicial system.

At a farewell function last month before he retired on August 26 — succeeded by Justice UU Lalit — Justice Ramana has said the Supreme Court collegium successfully appointed 224 judges in several high courts during his tenure.

“I hope that I stood up to the expectation which you expected from me. I discharged my duties as Chief Justice in whatever possible way. I have taken up two issues, all of you know — the infrastructure and the appointment of judges,” he said at an event organised by the Delhi High Court Bar Association.

He added that he was “asked to be careful” before moving to Delhi as he was told that “people there are very cultured, knowledgeable, and, very sorry to say, aggressive” but he received affection and encouragement from all.

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