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Omicron Variant LIVE Updates: It’s mild, does affect children, say AIIMS experts

Omicron Variant LIVE updates: As India reports COVID-19 infection in children like other countries, considering the importance of the topic, an interactive webinar session on ‘Managing Children with Covid-19’ is being organised by the Union Health Ministry in collaboration with All India institute of medical sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, with regional and state centre of excellence and Indian Medical Association on Thursday. AIIMS, New Delhi, Director Dr Randeep Guleria said, “It is important for us to understand that children are not like adults and we cannot translate what we are doing in adults to children. They need to be treated separately and that is why this webinar that we are having today is very, very important.” “There is also been a lot of concern about the severity of illness in children in this current wave with some reports from hospitals in the US claiming that they are seeing an increased number of children being admitted. So I think it is important to clarify, how is the current Omicron behaving as far as children are concerned? The concern has always been there as the younger children are not vaccinated and they are really getting more severe diseases. What is the management for children who are having COVID 19, what can we give, what should we not give and how should we treat these children depending on their age group and their presentation?” The purpose of the webinar was to re-emphasise all the important information and management of paediatric COVID. “Omicron does affect the children but it is a mild disease. So we also need to keep in mind that the fear and the panic which is getting created among the families, we must be able to curtail it,” said Dr Prof Ashok Deorari, AIIMS, Delhi. Meanwhile, in India, Maharashtra continues to record the maximum Omicron cases (1,367) followed by Rajasthan- 792, Delhi- 549, Karnataka- 486, and Kerala- 479 on Thursday. Also, several states have imposed restrictions and night curfew, to curb the spread of the infection. 

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