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“One-Room Sets Available,” Say Delhi Police, But There’s A Catch

The "Rooms Vacant" poster tweeted by Delhi PoliceNew Delhi: The Delhi Police have tweeted a "Rooms Vacant" post with a range of facilities. But the catch is anyone who is…

'One-Room Sets Available,' Say Delhi Police, But There's A Catch

The “Rooms Vacant” poster tweeted by Delhi Police

New Delhi:

The Delhi Police have tweeted a “Rooms Vacant” post with a range of facilities. But the catch is anyone who is interested would do well to resist the offer.

Some of the ‘features’ of these rooms are free beds and meals, so well-ventilated that a person can wave at other occupants and for security, CCTV on the campus with armed guards.

The recreational facilities include TV, a music room and some sports. The police say, however, you should avoid sprinting, running and high jumps, unless you want to create a ‘record’.

As for the location of the vacant rooms, the Delhi Police said it is very close to the ‘bars’, but not the watering hole kind where people meet over drinks.

The Delhi Police’s humorous tweet, referring to a jail, finally adds – “Free pick and drop in government sponsored vehicle.”

Such funny tweets by the police have been frequent on social media in recent years, with the police in several states like Assam and Maharashtra intermittently posting catchy tweets that warn against engaging in criminal activity.

The effect of humour tweets by the police is that people share them widely, which helps build awareness.

For example, the Assam Police used a funny line from a TV soap, which had gone viral, to send a message on its anti-drug operations in September 2020.

Rasode me kaun tha? Rasode me do drugs peddlers tha. Carton me se Livsaf and vitamins nikal diye aur CODEX and drugs chhupa diya. Itne me Team Nagaon ayi aur dono ko utha liya,” Assam’s Nagaon Police had tweeted, referring to snippets from the show ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ after music producer Yashraj Mukhate took a scene and converted the dialogues to a catchy rap.

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