Kid’s hilarious way of taking pics of parents’ anniversary celebrations

Celebrating important, milestones and occasions in one’s life with their family, is definitely one of the most cherishable memories and things to look forward to, for every single person. And that is what can be seen in this one video that has been shared on Instagram and has been going viral ever since. And this is because the kid who happens to have shot this video can be heard being an absolute sweetheart in the most hilarious way that you can imagine, or not! There is a good chance that you might want to keep watching this video again and again just like netizens have been doing on the social media platform.

The video has been shared along with a detailed caption that provides context as to what can be seen happening in it. “I asked Rowan (our 6 year old) to take a photo when we went out to celebrate our anniversary, but instead he recorded this video… which is now my favourite video of all time,” it begins. The caption continues, “Also if you recognize the background music you’ll know why I added it. The way Row filmed this reminded me of the scene with Keira Knightley’s wedding video in the movie Love Actually. I look quite pretty…”

Watch the video below:

Shared on September 30, this Instagram video has received about 51,500 likes on it already.

“Rowan is hired as full-time videographer LOL,” commented an Instagram user. He has a film director’s/cinematographer’s eye,” wrote another individual. “Does anyone else think Rowan is wise beyond his years? Such a precious video and he captured this so beautifully,” pointed out a third.

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