Man interviews people, learns different Asian dances

The kind of videos where people are going up to interview and talk to different people from various backgrounds are now doing the rounds on social media and going all kinds of viral for all the right reasons. And that is exactly the kind of video that has recently been shared on Instagram and has been gaining popularity. Owing to the fact that a man who can be seen in this video goes up to different Asian people and learns about the dance forms of their countries. And before you can ask, yes, the list of course includes India.

“Asian dances,” reads the caption that accompanies this video that has been putting a smile on many people’s faces. The list includes Japan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, and the like. With over three lakh followers, this video was posted on the page that goes by the name Ed People. The video was also re-shared recently on the page named Upworthy.

Watch the viral dance video right here:

Shared just a day ago, the video has all received 1.35 lakh likes on it already.

“Definitely gonna hit all these dance moves,” commented an individual. “This makes me very happy,” admitted another person. “I love how much respect he gives every dance form and how he performs each one of them which such a joy. We need more joy,” posted a third.

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