Students and volunteers in Chandigarh create record for ‘largest human

Independence Day 2022: NID Foundation and Chandigarh University joined hands to organise an event where students and volunteers bagged a record by forming ‘World’s Largest Human Image of a Waving National Flag’.

Independence Day 2022: India is gearing up to celebrate 75 years of its Independence on August 15. The country got its freedom from the British colonial rule on August 15, 1947. Expectedly, people are planning to celebrate the day in different ways and some have started doing so. Just like these volunteers and students in Chandigarh who created a record for forming ‘World’s Largest Human Image of a Waving National Flag’ ahead of the day.

To strengthen PM Narendra Modi’s ongoing ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign, NID Foundation and Chandigarh University joined hands to organise the event and over 5,800 people gathered at Chandigarh Cricket Stadium to attend it.

ANI took to Twitter to share a post confirmingthe record. “The title for this record is ‘Largest Human Image of a Waving National Flag.’ One such record was set in the UAE, years ago. Today, that record has been broken, thanks to the participation of 5,885 people: Swapnil Dangarikar, GWR Official Adjudicator,” they wrote.

In yet another post, they shared a video of the incredible event. “Guinness World Record for the largest human image of a waving national flag achieved by Chandigarh University and NID Foundation at Chandigarh today. Union Minister Meenakashi Lekhi was also present here on the occasion,” they tweeted.

Prior to the event that took place at 8 Am, both NID Foundation and Chandigarh University took to their respective social media pages to share about the preparations. “We are getting ready to take on Guinness World record title today,” NID Foundation wrote.

What are your thoughts on this incredible record? How are you planning to celebrate the Independence Day?

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