If the season is going to be one, long, sweat-soaked bacchanalian orgy, then allow south-east London’s Blane Muise, AKA Shygirl, to supply the filthy, gorgeous soundtrack. Her most recent, Sophie-assisted Alias EP, all oozing basslines and mucky synths, is basically an ode to squelchy sex Olympics.

Russ Millions & Tion Wayne

Earlier this month, the TikTok-propelled, hook-laden Body became the first drill song to claim the UK No 1 spot. You sense it is only the beginning; there have already been three streaming playlist-ready remixes featuring the likes of Ricky Rich, Bugzy Malone – and most notably ArrDee’s viral, anti-contraception verse.


Have you ever stared at the sun for too long? It’s disorientating, right? The mysterious PinkPantheress – no press pics and all we really know is she’s based in London – makes odd pop that somehow captures that exact moment; all fractured samples (Just a Waste utilises Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall), sweet but unsettling vocals and a permeating WTF haze.

Remi Wolf

Dig out your homemade tie-dye T-shirt and eccentric floppy hat because newcomer Remi Wolf’s brand of trippy, sun-bleached pop is best listened to shrouded in neon. Her recent We Love Dogs! remix EP is basically the perfect soundtrack to the next few months, featuring aural solar flares retwizzled by Beck, Hot Chip and Nile Rodgers.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew

The Bradford bassline warriors, AKA MCs Kane, Clive, and GK, recently grazed the UK Top 40 with the WKD Blue-infused Don’t You Worry About Me, a paean to carefree summer fun. “Boys go loco, boys go savage,” spits Kane in the video before swapping quad-biking around a field for this summer’s must-have video prop: a Jacuzzi.


California-based Claud Mintz’s debut Super Monster is the perfect soundtrack to a hastily organised, park-based, 6pm catch-up that involves BOGOF cans of G&T and big bags of posh crisps. Its gorgeously meandering, sun-dappled lo-fi indie pop was made for a slow summer sunset. Worth braving the hay fever for.

Priya Ragu

Tamil-Swiss artist Ragu calls her box-fresh blend of R&B, hip-hop and south Indian music “Raguwavy”. The intoxicating influences are matched by an aesthetic that’s essentially summer as a moodboard: all burnt oranges and daffodil yellows, even on the blown-out ballad Forgot About, when the revelry is replaced by wistful reminiscence.


The title of NYC-bred, Berlin-based DJ, producer and performer LSDXOXO’s EP, Dedicated 2 Disrespect, will likely be some people’s summer 2021 slogan. Over four deliciously messy “ghetto house” tracks, LSDXOXO creates a queer party that demands to be played very loudly in a dark room with very sweaty walls.